The idea of giving birthday return gifts for kids is slowing becoming popular. It is indeed a creative way to show thankfulness to the little kids for coming to the birthday party and a sure way to see several happy faces while they are leaving. Party favors can range from unique to usefulness, depending on your party theme and age of the kids. But no matter the age, kids always love magnet trinkets to play with. At Birthday Boom, we offer cute, adorable and cartoon design wooden magnet chip and sticky notes. You can use magnet items for return gifts. These brightly colored, non-toxic wooden magnets will look great on fridge, oven or any metal surface in your house. They are made of a durable wooden material with magnets which provide holding power to fridges and whiteboards. You can also use this decorative clips to hang photographs on the rope or fasten a small bunch of papers together or just clip them on things in the kids’ room as a decorative item. Since they come in a variety of animal shapes like frog, cow, bees etc, they can also be used to keep your little ones constructively busy as they learn about various animals. These fun magnet items are perfect birthday return gifts with their attention-grabbing creatives.